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oakland police released this video of a brazen robbery as they announce several arrests in a crime sweep that was months in the making. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. that video is one reason why police were sweeping streets. we have the blunt statement from the chief of police about just how violent some of these gang members are. john sasaki has the story. >> reporter: police officers and state agents dropped the hammer on some of oakland's most violent offenders.
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all part of an effort to rid the streets of violent offenders. >> probably the most violent group of people i've seen in the last few years. >> reporter: they're violent not for money or turf. >> it was basically they hated the other gang. >> reporter: police released this surveillance video they say was committed by members of that new gang. >> we found out fairly quickly that these groups every day were planning on ways to commit violent acts within the community of oakland. this - - >> reporter: this is all part of operation seize fire. oakland city officials hosted a huge press conference with other local state and federal law enforcement which have been leading related efforts. >> there were 23 arrests and in
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those arrests we have seized 55 firearms that included four assault weapons. >> reporter: afterward, mayor quan told us that it was meant as a warning to those offenders. >> it's basically a warning to those people that are out of control. >> reporter: how officials weighed in on the gun control debate. i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. a man pled not guilty to charges that he planned to set off a car bomb. leneza is charged with the use of an explosive weapon. he took what he thought was a real bomb last month and tried to detonate it during -- detonate it at a bank of
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america. a man accused of killing a 17-year-old high school student on san francisco's slope boulevard last weekend pleaded not guilty today 28-year-old brewer is charged with vehicle manslaughter and three counts of driving under the influence. prosecutors say he ran down chang. brewer could face 10 years in prison. he is scheduled to return to court later this month. san jose police have arrested a man in connection with a fatal stabbing at a parking. police say 20-year-old vincent gallegos killed 37-year-old eric white. news chopper 2 was over the scene when white's body was found in guadalupe oak grove park. police say they don't believe it was gang related. tonight we're getting a better picture of the damage done to berkeley's penny's restaurant in an early morning
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fire. allie rasmus live with the latest on the fire. >> reporter: to my right you can see some of the wooden boards where they're getting ready to board up the broken windows here. they're canceling all of the reservations at least through march 23rd. the restaurant will be shut down because of the fire. there were lots of hugs. >> it definitely touches me deeply. i care about this neighborhood and businesses. i mean it's just our 41st year. >> reporter: the fire broke out at 3: 3: 3:00 this morning. it started underneath the business. >> where the fire originated there's some electrical equipment there. >> when the fire got into that
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room it fused that sprinkler head and the flow from that sprinkler head prevented the fire from extending into the building. >> reporter: these photos show the damage it smells like smoke but the upstairs kitchen and cafe are untouched. waters hopes to have the cafe open in a week or so. but the downstairs will take a month or so to repair. >> it's something that i think we can fix. we're very good at this. i thought just give me any place and i can transform it. >> thank you, thank you. >> reporter: the restaurant is a fixture. fans say the neighborhood won't be the same until it reopens. >> it's just part of the last 40 something years of life here in north berkeley. >> reporter: waters says she is going to rebuild and reopen here maybe even include a new
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outdoor seating area in this patio. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you why fans say it's more than just a restaurant it's an icon. allie rasmus. family members of a woman killed by a lion say they believe the animal park followed safety protocalls they're calling the death a tragic accident. investigators say the male lion escapeed from a smaller cage and wept into a bigger cage before killing hanson. the lion somehow lifted a heavy gate. hanson died almost instantly. tuesday is the day. after a week of discussions at the vatican the cardinals have voted to begin the conclave to elect the next pope on tuesday. it will begin with a mass in the morning followed by the first balloting in the afternoon. cardinals have spent the last couple of days in closed door meetings at the vatican discussing the future of the catholic church. this is where the cardinals
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will stay during the conclave. it's the santa martha residence. it's a residence with a meeting hall, chapel, confessionals, office space and dining area all designed to keep the cardinals comfortable. 115 cardinals will be voting. but nearly three dozen more who won't be voting are also at the vatican for those proceedings. chuck hagel is making his first trip to afghanistan as secretary of defense. hagel arrived in kabul in the hours of darkness. he is expected to meet with the president. they are expected to discuss details about the eventual withdraws of the u.s. and nato troops. here at home, crews spent this day clearing out a large homeless encampment in san jose. matt keller is live there now with why some people are saying this effort leads to something of a shell game, matt. >> reporter: guadalupe river park was a tent city this morning tonight it's an empty
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field. anyone caught here after 7:00 will be trespassing. the start of the clean up was swift and the message clear. >> if you refuse to leave you will be arrested. would you like to leave. here. >> reporter: about 25 people living in tents near the airport were given a 72 hour notice. many stayed until the last minute without a plan. >> i'm going to bring my stuff out to the road. then i don't know from there. >> reporter: the city estimate this is clean up could cost up to $30,000. city workers say breaking up the big encampments actually makes it easier to get people help. >> i think it's easier to work with smaller groups of people, help them get inside. help them see other resources available. more than ever we're saying as a city that encampments are not a viable solution. >> reporter: several different organizations were available to give services. >> san jose is a great city. they do have a lot to offer.
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but you have to do the foot work. >> reporter: many of the homeless told me the homeless will just move to another encampment. >> the trash, the litter. the hypodermic needles. the mental health issues that aren't being taken care of. >> you expect it to get worse if people keep moving around? >> absolutely. >> reporter: last year san jose spent about $200,000 on similar homeless encampment clean ups. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. a richmond police sergeant is under investigation after being accused of taking bribes from drug dealers. according to the contra costa times, sergeant michael wang is being investigated by local and federal authorities. he allegedly took $140,000 in bribes and set up a drug deal while alerting that dealer of a tracking device on his car. land is also accused of tipping off a drug deal to a sting
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allegation. lang is currently on paid administrative lead. a jury convicted an engineer of murdering three executives at the company where he lad lost his job. 51-year-old wu shot and killed the ceo, a vice president and the director of human resources at syport incorporated in november of 2008. wu had been terminated as his job as a testing engineer at the company which makes chips for high definition radio. the jurily will now be asked to determine if wu was criminally insane at the time of the shooting. a man who lives at 23rd and deharo street says he woke up just after midnight to find two men in his home. he says they held him at gunpoint. he asked us not to show his face. >> the first guy took me into the bathroom and had me in the tub with a gun in my head. he hold me there while his
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friend ransacked the house. >> reporter: the men stole two computers, an iphone and i pa police tracked those items to oakland where they recovered some of the electronics. google is close to a $7 million settlement with more than 30 states. it's over allegation that is the mountain view company collected pass words and other data from unsecure wireless network. it's street view mapping had collected the data from 2007 to 2010. today the company released a statement saying it quickly delightened up its systems to address their issues. check this out, hundreds of people are lined up for a chance to meet collin kaepernick. we want to show you live pictures from the safeway. the line has been wrapped around that building for hours all for the chance to see collin kaepernick. he's there to sign photographs on behalf of gatorade. i want to show you video taken earlier inside the store.
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boy you can see it is just jam packed. you have to say that collin kaepernick there he is with the cap on has to be one of the most popular athletes in the country right now and he's going to be there until 6:30 if you want to get a chance to get his photograph. a small earthquake was reported off the coast this afternoon. the 2.7 quake was centered around 7 miles out in the pacific from san francisco. the u.s. gs website shows a couple of dozen people said they felt the small shaker which happened just before 12:30. the quake was more than 4 miles deep. >> only on 2, we learned just how many guns have been confiscated from travelers passing through bay area airports. >> back here in 10 minutes there's a little bit of coastal fog showing up. temperatures on the increase. your weekend around the corner. how warm is it going to get? i'll let you know.
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state senator mike leno is making a renewed effort to make
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it harder to hold gun shows at cal palace. see the cal palace is on state land so san mateo and san francisco county have no say about gun shows there. leno's bill aims to change that. >> the county of san mateo and the board of supervisors of the county of san francisco merely have to pass a resolution in support of having the gun show here. >> reporter: leno's bill is said to be considered by state senate committees this spring. guns found at sfo and oakland airport. it's a story you will see only on 2. scott mac farland reports that tsa screeners have seized more than one dozen airports. >> reporter: 11 at sfo, six at oakland international. we reviewed pictures of guns
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just look at some of them. this is a .45 caliber with a round in the chamber. >> a tsa spokesman says this is happening all too quickly. there are 900 firearms confiscated in one year. >> the fact that we are getting guns every day means there are people not focused on the security protocall. >> reporter: a tsa spokesman says in many cases there were no quote bad intentions. the husband of one woman caught in atlanta last year with a firearm told us it was an accident. >> she simply forgot to take it out of her purse. >> reporter: the tsa has been taking heat today from passenger groups for laxing some safety rules allowing passengers to carry small knives and small baseball bats. those guns though are a reason officers conduct such thorough screenings. >> the key is you have to keep the bad buy off his game. the way to do that is random. now i have to reassess my whole way of how i'm going to try to beat the airport security. >> it's not just firearms, the
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tsa finding explosives, very large knives and at least one case a rocket launcher in a passenger's luggage. at both san francisco international and sfo passengerred stopped with stun guns. the ceo of delta airlines has joined the chorus of voices objecting to the new tsa policy that allows passengers to carry small knives. allowing knives adds nothing to the security process and increasing the danger for flight attendants and pi lots. a haoás of groups including air marshals and insurance -- a host of groups including air marshals and insurance companies have all objected to this change. according to the papers, james holmes was sent to denver health medical center in november because he was considered a danger to himself.
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he was kept there for several days and was frequently held in restraints. holmes is charged with multiple counts of first degree murder and attempted murder for that shooting last july that killed 12 people and wounded 70 others. all charges have been dropped against a redwood city special education teacher accused of abusing young students with autism. prosecutor sited a lack of evidence against alexia alika bogdis. bogdis was arrested in february of last year. aids had accused her of slapping a student and restraining the students and keeping them from food. her future with the district is still unclear. drivers on eastbound interstate 80 will be facing delays. starting in less than two hours. the two lanes farthest to the west are going to be closed.
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the toll plaza should be back to normal on monday. additional two day closures will take place in the future. another large asteroid is set to pass near earth tomorrow. the asteroid is as big as a city block and will not come close. people who love the magnolia trees have a chance to see them at their best. the magnolias have begun to bloom. they're actually not native to the area but botanist have been planting them for years including some rare versions. >> they're most important place outside of china for magnolia conversation. they're so beautiful and people really like them. now it attracts a crowd every spring. >> those are some beautiful
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pictures, the first magnolias planted in san francisco bloomed back in 1930. the findings were published. they concluded the compound can trigger proteins that rejuvenate cells. resv era trol has been credited -- the jury awarded more than $8 million to a north dakota man. he accused johnson and johnson orthopedics of knowingly selling an implant that flaked
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and decayed. we're looking for a good weekend. >> stunning as we go into the bay area weekend the weather is really shaping up. highs today got into the low 60s in some places. upper 50s. that's a big warm up from where we were a few days ago. you can see the weather system as it tracks off. it is impacting southern california. it's going right down the coast. they don't do that very much. this one is going right down los angeles. you have a few showers lingering here. most of the showers have gone away. now we have a little bit of coastal fog. there may be a sprinkle could show up tonight. but i am not so sure that's going to be a big deal. these are the wind gusts right now. it's 35 miles per hour gusts at san francisco airport. so the winds they're pretty brisk out there. the winds die down tonight and tomorrow as much sunshine tomorrow and temperatures are really going to come up. as the winds die down, temperatures will drop. you might see a little drop in the east bay. saturday morning as you get
5:22 pm
going. 41degrees that's cool in fremont. bay area weekend looks good. temperatures are going to be above the average in many locations. this is the isotherm map. greens are 60s. yellows are 70s. so look what's happening. is this exact? no it's just kind of broad. but gives you an idea. santa rosa it will give you some low 70s up there in the napa valley. out toward concord. a lot of mid- and upper 60s. along the coast, i think the cooling here is a result of that coastal fog that's going to be hanging there. i think the coast will be clear in the afternoon but the fog will keep thing as little chilly and the breeze will be keeping things down. a warming trend then you knew that. today temperatures came up as they go into saturday and sunday. temperatures continue to go up. as we go into tuesday, monday and tuesday temperatures continue to warm up. a nice looking pattern ahead. and we'll be up into the 70s as we head into part of next week. when i come back we're going to
5:23 pm
get specific with these forecast highs like what is it going to be in your city tomorrow night. which day in the weekend is the warmest. i'll see you back here and we'll look at the five day forecast with the warm up in view and we're looking for rain. see you back here. >> thank you bill. tens of thousands came but one person really stuck out. as the funeral for hugo chavez we'll tell you about the big name actor who showed up. >> and osama bin laden's son-in- law appeared in a court in new york city today. the questions on whether he should be given the same rights as americans and where he should be tried. asking for your money to buy condoms for students. >> i done want my daughter doing that. >> we revealed a bay area strategy to combat an std problem. >> the evidence authorities call incriminating and why they're worried about more
5:24 pm
potential victims. >> boy they better, really come down on that person. >> tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, complete bay area news coverage. ♪
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world leaders join tens of thousands of venezuelans for the funeral of hugo chavez today. the elaborate state funeral was held in caracas. the government shut down the city as venezuelans waiting to view chavez coffin formed a line that was a mile long. penn was there as well as jesse jackson. north korea's leader says he is ready for war with the united states and south korea. north korea state tv network today showed kim jung un inspecting troops. threatened to attack the
5:27 pm
united states with a nuclear weapon. that came after the united nations leveled more sanctions against north korea for its nuclear weapons program. osama bin laden's son-in- law faced a federal judge in new york city. he's charged with one count of conspiring to kill americans. the judge called sulaiman bu ghaith the spokesman for al- qaida. and he claims the storms will not stop especially the airplane storms. >> we have him under control is that there needs to be a really deepened what i would call a dive into what he knows, when he knew it and how he got the information. >> sulaiman bu ghaith's next hearing will be held in may. some critics say he should be held at trial in guantanamo bay. john brennan has been sworn
5:28 pm
in as cia director. the white house released this photo today. it shows joe biden administering the oath of office to brennan. the senate confirmed brennan after the end of a filibuster. hirings and job boards are looking better. the question is how are we doing here in the bay area? still ahead. >> the new neighbor for a gritty part of san francisco is opened at last. why some people say it's about time. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out.
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some excellent news today about the economy and the number of new jobs that were
5:31 pm
created last month. despite the sequester and job issues the unemployment has dropped to 7.7%. 236,000 jobs were added in february with construction hiring leading the way. california is lagging a little behind but our consumer editor tom vacar did find some signs that there's a turn around taking place here in the bay area, tom. >> one tiny example. this bevmo alone has five jobs listed. despite the good national news the fact is 12 million americans, 2 million of them californians are still seeking jobs. >> reporter: after suspending her business, angela alanez started it up again on tuesday. >> i truly feel the economy is doing much much better and it
5:32 pm
will continue to grow. >> i had to bring extra people in the kitchen to help some of them of course because we don't want them to overwork. you see quite a few hours. and also in the dining room. i had to bring a couple of people as well. >> reporter: former regular lunch customers are happy. >> when the economy wasn't as good it was hard. it was hard for many places and many lunch places slowed down. and they just opened again now. >> reporter: even here in walnut creek, business is still recovering. >> the independences are just having a hard time and i think that's probably going to go on for a little while. >> reporter: here at the one stop center, folks here say they will believe it when they see it and that means more job offerers than people looking for jobs -- -- offers than people looking for jobs.
5:33 pm
>> it is a new thing. there are more jobs out there. they may not get filled as fast as they would like them to get filled but we're seeing an increase on job listings. >> reporter: a new and vastly improved cal job website goes online mondays. with many more actual job listings. reporting live consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> never fails that those trains go by right at that time. the jobs report led to modest gains in the stock market. the dow added 67 points it's sixth straight day of points and new record high. the nasdaq was up 12. is s & p rose six. despite that good jobs news that tom just told us about, google is cutting jobs. google says this is part of its
5:34 pm
plan to return to profitability. according to the wall street journal, the 1,200 workers are in san jose. today is international women's day in washington this morning, first lady michelle obama and john kerry handed out nine international women of courage awards. among the recipients a vietnamese blogger, a russian san journal -- russian journalist, and a student india who was raped and later died at the hospital. >> they spoke up risking everything they had to see that justice was done. >> a tenth award was supposed
5:35 pm
to be given to an egyptian woman who claimed she was detained and subjected to a virginity test. but now the state department is investigating anti american and anti-semitic messages on the woman's twitter account. the woman claims her twitter account was hacked. wells fargo says its lending gone is $55 million. women account for 30% of all small business owners. people along san francisco center market street corridor are opening the sub sector. david stevenson live in the city with why some people say this addition comes at a crucial time. >> reporter: that's right, this is a police staking hub. a name for those who believe a
5:36 pm
police should be coming to sixth street between market and mission. huckelberry bicycle came to the gritty street six months ago hoping to help the revival of the area. >> when we first moved here people thought we were crazy. on a daily basis. there's drug dealing, people causing problems. >> reporter: city leaders said the clean up here just got a big boost with the opening of this long awaited police safety hub. >> we don't want people to think that this is a police station and come here for help especially in ha 911 situation. because there won't always be a police officer here. >> reporter: police alonged with beefed up foot ta troll will be a presence here up until 10:30 p.m. the hub will also host office hours for homeless and probation services. the city is also increasing hours to escort workers and shoppers along the central market corridor.
5:37 pm
all of this comes as more tech companies are moving into what is considered an up and coming area. >> it's going to be huge. just an active police presence on the street. it's going to help keep down crime. >> reporter: the neighborhood still has a long ways to go. >> it's ugly. to be honest with you. but it's a helpful site to see that the police are here just being present. i think is the most important thing. >> reporter: police say they plan to increase central market street patrols from 15th to 24 hours. but that may take some time until the next set of police candidates graduate from the academy. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. governor brown today set the date for a primary in the special elections to replace a state senator who resigned. marco rubio resigned to go to work for chevron. he represented the district that includes parts of fresno
5:38 pm
and chul era county. if necessary a run off will be held. a new study shows what happens when you sleepwalk and how it affects you when you're awake. and what's being done to those people who send out those spam messages. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf
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washington says it's doing something about spam text messages. the federal trade commission is taking the alleged scammers to court. often with a promise of a free gift card to best buy or wal- mart. instead the messages can lead to websites asking for money. they might also collect personal information. >> even if you have a free text plan you will end up paying money to these folks because of the deceptive offers. visions of the sea docked today in port everglades florida with a lot of queasy passengers on board. crew members and passengers are sick suspected of having the noro virus. the visions of the scene are on a 10 day cruise. the ship and terminal are now getting a thorough scrub down. a french study finds that
5:42 pm
sleepwalking can also cause problems for people during their waking hours. french researchers say adults who sleepwalk are prone to daytime depression, anxiety, drowsiness and a lower quality of life. they also found that often times sleepwalkers wind up hurting themselves or people who their share bed. some patients fell downstairs everyone in some cases walked out on roofs -- even in some cases they walked out on roofs. don't forget, this weekend we spring forward. unless you're a real night out set your clock forward one hour before you hit your bed saturday night. daylight savings time ends november 3rd. that's when we really got worried because he never does this. it's not him. >> a father of four disappears. his taco truck found abandoned.
5:43 pm
tonight we learn where he was seen one day after he went missing? -z back -- back here in 10 minutes. i'll give you the specifics on what you can expect. asking for your money to buy condoms for students. >> i don't want my daughter doing that. >> we'll reveal a school district's strategy to combat a growing std problem. >> the evidence authorities call incriminating and why they're worried about more victims. >> boy they better really come down on that person. >> tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, complete bay area news coverage. [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control ♪ i just spray them weeds, then spray them cracks ♪ ♪ the weeds are gone, and they won't be back ♪ ♪ driveway, patio, i just spray once ♪ ♪ and it's adios weeds for up to four sweet months ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control
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a real mystery tonight involving the owner of a taco truck who is also a father of four. his abandoned truck was found in napa and mike mibach tell us why it's surprising what was discovered inside. >> reporter: dishing out lunch in the napa valley. food trucks like these do just like.
5:46 pm
>> this is amazing, this is surprising. >> reporter: chris montanez runs la mexicana on taped on the truck is his friend. >> he doesn't drink, no medical condition. really calm. >> reporter: this is romero's food truck here. but when it was found in napa by detectives inside were his keys, some cash as well as his cell phone. >> that's when we really got worried because he never does this. it's not him. >> reporter: today maria arechuga picked up her father's cell phone. she says her dad is a working man, 15 years, six days a week inside the truck. >> it's what he used to put his family where we are. and to get me and my brothers ahead. >> que regrese a casa que lo
5:47 pm
necesitamos. >> it's the same spot where detectives found the food truck the next day. >> he's never wandered off, he's a family man. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says ramiro was seen checking into a motel on monday night. the department has classified his disappearance as voluntarily missing. >> we don't know how to ask for help. >> reporter: but the family is, and it's asking for you to help mike mibach. a new ad campaign in new york city is getting an awful lot of attention. the city has put up postures to discourage kids from getting pregnant. they're in bus shelters and subway stations in neighborhoods with high rates of teen pregnancy. >> i have friends who are teen moms. we need to get the message out there. >> reporter: planned parent
5:48 pm
parenthood has denounced this claim. the army still has trouble diagnosed and treating soldiers for post-traumatic stress disorder. the army commission reviewed how it evaluating soldiers for mental problems. confusing paper work, inconsistent training and incompatible systems has held the system back. it also makes recommendations for more improvement. italy's governor has announced plans where it plans to move the contra concordia. you will recall back in january of 2012 the ship veered too close to an island and hit a jagged reef killing 32 people and overturning on to its side. the ship's captain is facing multiple charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship. the california coastal commission rejury excusedded a
5:49 pm
army proposal for explosives and sonar. the commission said the navy had not presented enough information to overcome those concerns. even so the navy could still go ahead with those exercises with past navy exercises the coastal commission has unsuccessfully sued in an effort to stop them. different kind of hazard on a florida golf course this morning. you can see the problem here, two run away cows invaded the resort. the cows set up shop on the 12th hole eating their way around. a rancher was called out to wrangle the two out. the championship is on the way at the course but these cows did not affect play today. the grapevine is open after being shut down for hours because of snow. the roadway was blanketed with snow and ice. it reopened more than five hours later.
5:50 pm
the icy roads caused several accidents. we just checked with caltrans, right now there are no traffic restrictions there on i5. the rain that we got this week came in, went out and looks like it's clearing out. >> we have 60s out there. numbers are going to get into the 60s and low 70s. we've had a heck of a run. january, february outstanding weather. 65degrees right now in -- not right now that was the high today in santa rosa. one of the warmest spots. 60 in livermore. you see the system as it rolls out of the area. see we're getting the break. right along the coast see right here. it's kind of high. see how it's coming over the hill. not only is it going to be around for a long time but i think it'll be there in the morning. that will keep the coastal areas cooler. i think saturday and sunday you will see sunshine at the beaches but it starts out with patchy fog in the morning.
5:51 pm
you will see patchy fog in the valley. 35miles per hour, it's been kind of an interesting year for sure. in some most areas 75% of rainfall average, 80%. 78% something like that. that's not horrible considering it has not rained much in january and february. in march, we have a little bit of rain last 34, 48 hours but we need more. warm weather pattern continues though. so the big story is we're dry for a while. this low pressure center that brought the snow to the grapevine brought us a little bit of rain. but speaking of dry for a while. check out the next week. dry forecast, high pressure is going to set it up with a spring like weather pattern. it's going to feel like -- it's not going to feel like spring but the allergy sufferers are going to feel it now. basically we're talking about pollens that are going to be going out in the atmosphere. tree pollens specifically. and tree pollens are the tough ones because they're at eye level. when they start coming out they're in your eyes. so if you're going to be
5:52 pm
bothered, you're bothered. saturday there's clear and sunday looks clear too. forecast highs, look at that 70 in santa rosa tomorrow. a little cooler because the little patch of coastal fog. there'll be a nice wind blowing. 67 in morgan hill. tkpwaoeupbd -- kind of stoked it's the weekend. i like more rain but i'm just going to embrace this. it's going to be a beautiful weekend and it's going to be a beautiful next week. we're going to do the clocks. we talked about that you spring ahead on sunday morning early. you get a little extra daylight. >> but it's going to be darker am i right for a sunday night. >> when you get up it's a longer day. >> yeah, thank you. well $5 has changed the bay area couple's life. he got laid off not long ago. she works as a hairdresser but now all of that has changed. how a simple spur of the moment decision has turned them into multi millionaires.
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documents released show thousands of cases of ware in generators at the nuclear power plant. federal regulators released the heavily redacted reports today. a small radiation leak led to the shut down of the plant in
5:56 pm
january of last year. edison now wants to restart one of the reactors. this is a wonderful story. he was laid off from his job a few months ago. now a walnut creek man and his wife of 25 years are californian's newest multi millionaires. they just claimed their $33 million. >> i was at my home alone and i started screaming by myself. really, very heavy. running in the house. >> that's masud ardalan describes the moment he realized he won after buying $5 worth of lottery tickets from the heather farm shell station on ignacio road. he then drove to the hair salon where his wife works. but he had a hard time convincing her. >> she said no i have to finish my work. i said you don't need to work. you can buy this store now. and he said you are just joking. >> when we got to sacramento i was still asking him, are you
5:57 pm
serious. and he said, if it's not then what are we doing here. >> reporter: the couple chose the cash option that works out to just under $23 million before taxes. heather farm shell station will get $165,000 for selling the winning ticket. massud says he wants to start his own business and get unemployed people to work. the remains of two unidentified soldiers were laid to rest. the wreckage wasn't found until 1973. since then researchers have been trying to identify the man using dna samples and facial reconstruction but have only been able to narrow it down to five or six sailors. the united nations says it's reached a deal it hopes
5:58 pm
tomorrow will free its 21 peace keepers being held by syrian rebels. the troops were monitoring a seize fire between israel and syria. the men said they were helping the rebels in syria to regain control of the area. firefighters responded to the incident at 14th avenue and international boulevard in east oakland. firefighters say after inspecting the leak they discovered that the water was coming from a transformer. pg & e crews were then called in to fix the problem. we're also told that water had actually been spewing out from that location for about a week. but it wasn't reported until this morning. a murder mystery in the south bay. coming up in two minutes, police find a 69-year-old man's body inside his home. the danger investigators say that man may have invited right into his house. a bay area school district wants to make sure if teens have sex it's safe sex.
5:59 pm
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